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Exterior Rendering



The Cliff House

A novel project that ignites a creative impulse among our creators.

During the modeling stage, we dedicate more time to refining the details to achieve a truly realistic environment.

In the rendering phase, we employ various techniques such as texturing, UV mapping, and creating different environmental lighting and atmospheres to bring the materials closer to reality from different angles.

Finally, we enhance each image through post-processing in Photoshop to give it that extra touch.

For each project, we apply these techniques to craft our creations, and once the work is completed, our team reflects on the experience and shares our sentiments about the project.

Offering 1.2 million square feet of office space, over 12,000 square feet of retail space and 339 parking stalls, 160 Front Street West is slated for completion in late 2023.

Exterior rendering of the cliff house 7
Cliff House Manuscript

Engaging customized SMART building and construction technologies developed by PCL, we are implementing our award-winning Job Site Insights™ (JSI) and Eddy Solutions™ sensor technologies on this project including, for example, concrete curing sensors that accelerate pour cycle times and reduce project costs. Together with Cadillac Fairview, PCL is constructing to LEED® Platinum and WELL Building Standards and – once operational – 160 Front will embrace Cadillac Fairview’s award-winning “Green at Work” program that harnesses leading global practices to integrate sustainability into property management and operations.

1. Customer data (SU) model data
2. Produce prime model according to client’s information, determine camera angle and confirm major tones
3. Rendering of small samples according to customer’s needs
4. Final color comparison

Cliff House Manuscript 5
Exterior rendering of the cliff house
Exterior rendering of the cliff house 4
Exterior rendering of the cliff house 3
Exterior rendering of the cliff house 2