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Yangchun Lake Business District

“PHOCUS3D’s rendering work has turned our design concepts into a breathtaking reality, exceeding our highest expectations.” – Jane Wang, Design Director of RTKL International

The Yangchun Lake Commercial District project in Wuhan, China, aims to blend well with the city and become a famous landmark. It focuses on making the city look good and having plenty of green areas. They’re also making sure everything is convenient and looks nice, with a view of the lake. This project is all about giving people what they want in terms of shopping and entertainment.

To bring this vision to life, PHOCUS3D was entrusted by RTKL International to create a diverse set of renderings that included 2 aerial views, 4 half aerial views, 4 people’s views, and 6 interior views.

Meet Our Visionary Client

Established in 1946, RTKL International is a globally recognized architectural and planning firm offering a wide range of professional services across multiple disciplines, including architecture, urban planning, structural engineering, interior design, landscape and green design, and signage systems design.

“PHOCUS3D’s reputation for excellence in rendering and visualization was a key factor in our decision to partner with them on this ambitious project. Their commitment to quality aligns perfectly with our own standards.”

Challenges of the Project

1.Design Complexity: The project’s distinctive feature was its irregular building exteriors with complex concave and convex shapes, challenging our team to accurately represent these intricacies.
2.Lighting and Materials: Achieving the desired lighting and material texture to align with the client’s vision required multiple iterations and client collaboration.
3.Integration and Deadline:The building needed seamless integration into its local environment and climate. Due to the time-consuming modeling phase, rendering was expedited to meet project deadlines.

Initial Consultation and Partnership

Our journey commenced with an initial consultation that swiftly evolved into a long-term partnership agreement with RTKL International Shanghai. This partnership laid a strong foundation for collaboration, further extending to involve department heads from RTKL’s Hong Kong and Singapore branches. The project was a true testament to global teamwork.

Team Assemble

Behind every successful project lies a dedicated team of experts. In our case, it comprised 11 professionals, each a specialist in their respective field. Among them were 3 modelers, 3 rendering experts, 2 post-processing wizards, and 3 interior design maestros. Together, they formed a dynamic unit that left no stone unturned.

3D Modeling Expertise

The project initiation involved creating 3D models based on CAD files provided by the client, encompassing floor plans, elevations, outdoor topography, as well as CAD files and reference images for interior spaces and furniture.

Industry-standard software such as 3DMax was utilized to convert 2D drawings into precise 3D models, meticulously detailing the floor plans to infuse depth and authenticity. Given the complex and irregular nature of the building’s exterior, extensive research was conducted to accurately capture architectural nuances.

Materials and Lighting Excellence

With modeling complete, attention turned to materials and lighting. The V-Ray took center stage as our rendering software, facilitating the implementation of the 360-degree panoramic lighting rendering technique.

Multiple discussions with the client were conducted to refine lighting direction and effects to perfection. Materials took on a pivotal role, especially metal and glass, which underwent meticulous adjustments to meet exacting standards.

Proprietary material libraries provided the foundation, with customized properties for reflection, refraction, transparency, and color. Specialized techniques, including hand-painted textures and UV unfolding, were deployed for unique materials or those that posed sourcing challenges.

Post-Production Mastery

Post-rendering, the PHOCUS3D team leveraged tools like Photoshop for post-processing. This phase was an art in itself, involving the meticulous placement of scene elements to simulate realistic environments. Characters, vehicles, trees, and more came to life. Simulating local environment and climate was critical for seamless integration.

Rigorous lighting tests were conducted for different times of day – from daytime to dusk and nighttime – capturing the essence of each moment. Lighting color palettes were thoughtfully chosen, adhering to cool tones for public buildings and warm tones for commercial residences. Sunlight height and color were fine-tuned, working in harmony with materials to meet the client’s specific height requirements.

Exterior rendering of the CBD complex
CBD building exterior rendering

Results That Speak Volumes

The Yangchun Lake Business District project was not just about meeting deadlines; it was a testament to our commitment to excellence. The numbers below reflect our unwavering dedication and expertise:

Exterior Rendering

Modeling Phase: 7 Days (5 Working Days)
The 3D modeling of the outdoor building required 7 days, or 5 working days, considering the conversion of CAD files and the intricate details necessitated by the irregular exterior design.

Rendering Post-Production: 7 Days (5 Working Days)
After modeling, the rendering and post-processing phase took a total of 7 days, or 5 working days. This included panoramic 360-degree lighting rendering, material texture refinements, and lighting effects optimization. Collaborative discussions with the client were instrumental in achieving the desired visual impact.

Interior Rendering

Modeling Phase: 5 Days (3 Working Days)
The interior 3D modeling phase spanned 5 days, or 3 working days, encompassing the conversion of CAD files and reference images into high-quality 3D models, necessitating precision and detail akin to the exterior modeling.

Rendering Post-Production: 10 Days (8 Working Days)
The interior rendering post-processing was more intricate, requiring 10 days, or 8 working days. This phase involved panoramic lighting rendering, material adjustments, and meticulous scene element placement to create lifelike interior scenes.


The Yangchun Lake Rendering Project stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence. Through a meticulous journey of 3D modeling, material optimization, and precision lighting, we transformed the client’s visionary design into stunning visual presentations.

Our partnership with RTKL International, a renowned architectural and planning giant, laid the foundation for success. The challenges we faced, from translating complex architectural forms to perfecting material textures, only fueled our determination to deliver outstanding results.

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