Who we are


With creativity as the core and virtual technology as the guide, we provides digital solutions for many industries with output results.

Our Story

Founded in 2012, PHOCUS3D is located in Chengdu city, China, which is well known of its hometown of Giant Panda and Sichuan Cuisine for the global worldwide. PHOCUS3D is specialized and committed to the innovative and creative digital visualization design service for our clients of architecture design solution and advertisement promotion in the field of the architecture.

With over 10 years digital design experience, PHOCUS3D works over 2000 clients with more than 20000 works and projects in different specialization. We established our core competitiveness in the comprehensive project management workflow from creativity, planning, design to production management.

We are committed to providing with high quality creative technology and supreme service in the segment:

  • 3D Rendering: Exterior and Interior 3D rendering visualization.
  • 3D Architectural Animation ( 3D Animation)
  • Digital film and television
  • Digital exhibition hall
  • Physical Model
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Our Honors and Awards


The project we worked on, the urban planning of Xinchuan Satellite City, won the Honorable Mention award from ARCHITECTURE MASTERPRIZE.


The project we participated in was awarded by the BBC as the Global Best CG Creative Award.


In the Qionglai Wenve Lane Architectural Design Competition, our work achieved first place among 234 valid proposals.


The architectural project we were involved in was featured on Singapore's MediaCorp 5.


Our project was featured on one of China's most influential TV channels, CCTV News.


The project we took part in, the Dubai Palace Project, received commendation from the King of Dubai.

Meet our leadership

Sen Peng Zhang


The infinite charm possessed by the people captured in photographs originates from an intrinsic power. It is a part of the indescribable secret hidden within each individual, and the task at hand is to capture it with film.



Marketing Director

Devoting oneself to every task with heartfelt dedication, regardless of fatigue, is where its charm lies. The allure is found in the process of completion, and of course, in the beauty of a perfect outcome, akin to admiring the scenic wonders of mountains, rivers, and landscapes.

Andy Wang

Art Director

Some say, “The joy of fishing lies in sensing the pulsation of the fish through the fishing line.” Similarly, when encountering an outstanding project, perceiving the emotions infused by the designer and transforming them into vivid visual creations is akin to a bountiful fishing experience. The harvest is an abundance of happiness and fulfillment.

Shi Guang Li

Art Director

Admiring everything related to art, graphics, and sports is akin to savoring a cup of snowflakes drifting in a turquoise pool, delicately touching the sleek contours of a lidded bowl, witnessing the aromatic essence of tea permeating the air, and relishing its exquisite flavor.

Liang Qiang Guo

Technical Director

What is courage? It is facing the setbacks in life head-on, knowingly indulging in a meal that may cause weight gain, and persevering despite the challenges. With the courage to challenge ourselves, we can overcome any difficulty that comes our way.


Nicole Shu

Project Manager

Design comes from life, and a wonderful life leads to colorful design results. I love helping people bring their blueprints to life, and that has led to a more exciting life for me.