Interior Rendering

Our 3D interior rendering services create photorealistic visualizations of your commercial and residential designs to wow clients. We utilize advanced 3D software to digitally build, style, and render interiors with true-to-life accuracy.

What is 3D Interior Design Rendering?

3D interior rendering creates realistic visualizations of interior spaces. It involves using 3D modeling and rendering software to digitally build and furnish interior environments. The photorealistic images showcase design details like textures, lighting, colors, and materials in lifelike quality.

Compared to traditional hand rendering techniques, 3D interior rendering allows designers to quickly create immersive visuals at multiple angles. It brings interiors to life digitally before construction. This enables designers to experiment, refine designs, and showcase proposals.

Types of Interior Visualizations

Still Renderings

Our still images showcase designs in the best light at up to 5000px resolution. Zoom into the tiniest details within our photorealistic renderings. Crisp shadows draw focus for an impeccable showcase. Our interior design rendering services provide visually stunning and realistic results for architects, designers, and homeowners.

Still Interior Renderings
360 View Interior Panorama

360 Interior Panorama

Experience your designs like never before with our 360 interior renders. These interactive renderings allow clients to digitally walk the full perimeter of rooms, peek around corners, and inspect every angle of the space. Our seamless 360 panoramas provide an immersive preview experience, enabling clients to fully visualize and explore the design from all perspectives.

Material and Furnishing Comparisons

Making design decisions has never been easier with our split-screen comparison renders. By digitally placing different material and furnishing options side-by-side, clients can easily compare textures, colors, and finishes. This eliminates guesswork and simplifies the decision-making process, allowing clients to make informed choices that align with their vision and design goals.

3D Interior House Rendering

3D Walkthrough and Flythrough Animation

We produce animated 3D tours up to 1920x1080p resolution to showcase designs from dynamic perspectives. The high-definition fidelity provides a spectacular level of realism as clients digitally tour through your designs. Our graceful camera movements highlight special features and transitions between spaces with cinematic elegance.

2D and 3D Floor Plans

In addition to our rendering services, we also offer dimensioned and photorealistic plans. Our team can create detailed 2D plans that are ready for construction documentation. These plans can also be transformed into 3D photorealistic models, allowing for visually appealing presentations that effectively communicate your design vision.

2D and 3D Floor Plan Rendering

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Why 3D Rendering Interior Design?

Benefits of Interior Rendering

Save Time and Money

By utilizing 3D rendering, you can quickly create digital mock-ups of design variations instead of relying on physical samples. This not only saves time but also reduces costs, giving you the flexibility to explore different options without breaking the bank.

Customize to Perfection

With 3D rendering, you have the freedom to digitally customize interiors to match your client's unique vision. Experiment with furnishings, finishes, lighting, colors, materials, and patterns, and easily make revisions until you achieve the perfect look.

Clear Communication

3D rendering allows you to effectively communicate your design concepts to clients. By presenting realistic and visually stunning visuals, you can help clients visualize the end result and gain a deeper understanding of the design. This improves communication and increases client satisfaction.

Powerful Marketing

High-quality 3D interior renderings allow potential clients to envision themselves in the space, making it easier to lease, sell, or secure funding for your projects. By presenting photorealistic visuals, you can captivate your audience, make a lasting impression, and generate interest in your designs.

How to Create 3D Renders for Interior Design

Interior Rendering Workflow

Creating stunning interior renderings requires careful planning and execution. Here’s how we approach each stage


Technical Requirements

To ensure accuracy, we ask customers to provide detailed information, including 3D models, sketches, drawings, mood boards, and material samples. If needed, our talented 3D artists can refine the client's models or adapt them to our workflow. We're flexible and can work with any provided materials.

Camera Placement and Composition

We strategically determine the best camera angles to showcase the interior design. Some shots focus on intricate details, while others capture the overall space. Our goal is to present a comprehensive view that captivates and engages viewers.

Enhancing with Lighting

Our experienced team knows the importance of lighting in interior visualization. We expertly select lighting techniques to create the desired atmosphere. Natural light floods commercial spaces, while soft lighting creates a cozy ambiance in bedrooms. Kitchens are often bathed in daylight to showcase a comfortable environment.

Creating a Preliminary Render

We create a preliminary render using gray materials, aligning it with the client's brief, mood board, and drawings or models. This phase allows us to review the project's position and dimensions before moving forward.

Adding Color and Detail

In this stage, we bring the design to life by adding color, textures, and carefully adjusting lighting. Our goal is to create a vibrant and realistic representation of the space. We pay meticulous attention to details such as reflections, highlights, and textures to achieve unparalleled photorealism.

Client Collaboration and Revisions

We offer unlimited revisions within reason to ensure your complete satisfaction. Clear upfront communication of your vision minimizes extensive back-and-forth. We provide flexible review sessions and preview images to align on your perfect interior renderings efficiently.

Integrating People and Pets

To enhance realism and convey a sense of liveliness, we can integrate 3D people and even pets into the renderings. This helps clients envision themselves in the space and adds a touch of personalization.

Frequently asked questions

Browse our list of frequently asked questions about our photorealistic 3D interior rendering services. If you have any other questions, please contact our team.

Pricing varies based on what your project needs. Generally, it’s calculated by looking at how many hours and how much effort goes into it. Figuring out the exact cost for your specific project is easy – just drop us a line by filling out the form on the right. Within a day, one of our PHOCUS3D account managers will reach out to you with a personalized estimate.

When it comes to 3D rendering, you’ve got a bunch of tools out there, but some of the big names that really stand out are 3ds Max, VRay, Corona Renderer, Maya, Blender, Maxwell, and Lumion.

  • To create an interior design floor plan rendering, begin by building a 3D model of the space using software like 3ds Max or Blender. 
  • Apply textures and materials accurately to surfaces, then set up lighting sources to complement the design’s mood. Position the camera for optimal angles and composition, adjusting settings for high-quality rendering. 
  • Conduct test renders to refine elements, and once satisfied, initiate the final rendering, which might require some time. 
  • Post-process the output to enhance colors and effects. 
  • Compile the images for presentation, consider client feedback for revisions, and deliver the high-resolution final images for their intended use. 

To get in touch for our interior rendering services, feel free to reach out in whatever way works best for you. You can find our contact details right here on this website. Give us a call, or simply fill out the form to request a quote for your project. Our sales team will get back to you in no time.

It depends on the complexity of the project. Typically, it takes around 3-5 days to complete a project. 

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