Exterior Rendering

With 11 years of expertise, PHOCUS3D delivers 3D exterior rendering services that bridge imagination and reality. From small homes to impressive landmarks like schools, theaters, and industrial structures, our skilled team ensures your vision becomes vivid.

What is an Exterior Architectural Rendering?

External architectural renderings are lifelike visualizations of building exteriors created through advanced 3D rendering technology. These renderings provide a detailed representation of how a structure will appear once completed, incorporating design elements, materials, lighting, landscaping, and even surrounding environments. 

By leveraging 3D exterior rendering services, architects and developers can showcase their ideas to clients, investors, and potential buyers with stunning accuracy.


Our Expertise in 3D Exterior Rendering

Commercial Buildings Exterior Rendering​

Commercial Buildings Rendering

We specialize in creating large-scale 3D exterior visuals for skyscrapers and architectural projects. Our renderings showcase the entire structure with detailed elements like glass reflections, facade variations, and intricate structures, accurately capturing their monumental presence in the urban landscape.

Residential Homes and Houses Rendering

We craft captivating exterior visuals for various property types, emphasizing lifestyle and emotion. Our renderings prioritize lighting, landscaping, and environmental details for an authentic feel. Through textures like warm sunrays, brick driveways, and lush gardens, we create immersive visuals that resonate with homebuyers.

Residential Houses Exterior Rendering​
Industrial Facilities Rendering​

Industrial Facilities Rendering

Industrial architecture meets artistic visualization through our 3D exterior rendering services. Whether it’s factories, warehouses, or manufacturing plants, we emphasize both functionality and aesthetics. Our renders showcase how these structures blend with their surroundings while maintaining their utilitarian nature, striking a balance that appeals to practicality and design.

Institutional Buildings Rendering

Educational institutions, healthcare facilities, government buildings, and cultural centers find their stories told vividly in our 3D exterior renders. For schools, we emphasize environments that foster learning and growth. Healthcare facilities are depicted as places of comfort and healing. Government buildings exude authority, and cultural centers showcase their significance through intricate architectural details and inviting outdoor spaces.

Institutional Buildings Exterior Rendering​

Some of Our Works

Realistic Visuals, Real Value

Why We're the Right Choice for Your Project

Engaging Storytelling

Think of it as a visual narrative. Unlike static images, 3D animations captivate audiences by immersing them in the project's story. This keeps viewers interested and helps them envision what it's like to inhabit the space.

Sharper Design Visualization

Shifting from traditional methods to 3D animation revolutionizes how we see designs. Architects collaborate with CGI artists to transform ideas into lifelike renders, allowing them to fine-tune their vision before construction begins.

Clear Communication

Bridging the gap between architects and builders is vital. 3D animations serve as a universal language, enabling construction teams to grasp designs easily, minimizing errors and fostering teamwork.

Efficient Use of Time

Architects need room to innovate. Yet, manual tasks like sketching and model-building eat up time. With 3D animation, these tasks are streamlined, giving architects more time to explore creative ideas and accelerate project approvals.

Bringing Your Vision to Life​

Our Streamlined Workflow

Our seamless workflow is designed to bring your architectural dreams to life through meticulous 3D exterior rendering.


Detailed Project Discussion

Our journey begins with a comprehensive discussion led by our experienced project manager. We leave no stone unturned as we gather crucial project data – from façade textures and decorative elements to camera angles, lighting preferences, and atmospheric conditions. Your insights lay the foundation for rendering excellence.​

Immersive 3D Artists' Craft

Once the project parameters are established, our team of skilled 3D artists springs into action. Depending on your project's nature, we embark on 3D modeling based on provided design plans or refine existing off-the-shelf models. Our artists infuse life into each pixel, shaping your vision with precision and creativity.

Clay Render Preview

Transparency is key in our process. We present you with clay renderings – preliminary previews showcasing the architectural layout devoid of textures and colors. This stage serves as a canvas for your insights and feedback, ensuring that the foundation is strong before moving forward.

High-Resolution Color Evolution

With your feedback in hand, we dive into refining the renderings. Every correction and adjustment you suggest is meticulously incorporated. The next milestone presents you with the first high-resolution color image – a vibrant canvas enriched with materials, textures, lighting, vehicles, pedestrians, and other essential details.

Realism Enhancement

As we fine-tune visual effects and refine every detail, your rendering transforms into a true visual masterpiece. Our dedication to realism is unwavering, and at this stage, we export the final image with a resolution of up to 5000px. This is where your architectural vision truly comes to life in a tangible and striking manner.

Frequently asked questions

These sets of questionnaires and answers by experts can help get a better understanding of our general remodeling services, timeline & process.

The cost depends on your project requirements, and the exact pricing is determined by several factors such as the number of renderings, the size and scope of the project, level of detail, and more.

We categorize renderings into different types such as exterior renderings, urban planning renderings, landscape environment renderings, interior renderings, mechanical processing renderings, product design concept renderings, etc., and prices may vary accordingly.

The standard production time for architectural projects is one week, while interior design projects take approximately 3-5 days. However, the exact project duration depends on several factors, such as the number of renderings, the size and scope of the project, level of detail, and more.

We generally evaluate the following criteria for creating realistic architectural exterior renderings:

  • Overall impression
  • Atmosphere portrayal
  • Material textures
  • Structural volumes
  • Layers of depth
  • Hierarchy of elements
  • Scene details
  • Harmony

In the architectural exterior rendering industry, there are numerous rendering software options available. However, based on our experience and client quality

Exterior rendering is done using specialized 3D software that creates realistic images of architectural designs. Common tools include 3ds Max, V-Ray, SketchUp with V-Ray, Lumion, Cinema 4D, Blender, Corona Renderer, Octane Render, Enscape, etc.

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