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Who We Are

PHOCUS3D is a 11-year experienced 3D rendering company, serving global architects, developers, and designers with expertise in commercial and residential projects.

What We Do

PHOCUS3D excels in 3D architectural visualization, product rendering, and dynamic animations. Deliver 2,000+ projects to global clients, boasts 5,000+ exceptional videos and renders.

Core Values

Realism, Efficiency, Innovation. Our 3D rendering studio thrives on realistic creative visuals, efficient designs, and pioneering market innovation.

Our Expert Services

Bringing your vision to life with professionalism, artistry, and emotion.

Exterior Rendering

Exterior Rendering

PHOCUS3D delivers 3D exterior rendering services that bridge imagination and reality. From small homes to impressive landmarks like schools, theaters, and industrial structures, our skilled team ensures your vision becomes vivid.

Interior rendering

Interior Rendering

Our 3D interior rendering services create photorealistic visualizations of your commercial and residential designs to wow clients. We utilize advanced 3D software to digitally build, style, and render interiors with true-to-life accuracy.

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3D Animation

Our architectural animation services employ 3D CGI to vividly portray your designs with realism. Using advanced technology, we emphasize accurate lighting, textures, materials, and environmental effects.


Chat and Revise with Ease

We believe in smooth communication. Your feedback guides our process, and with clay renderings and different camera options, we make sure your vision shines.

Quality That Pops

With a team that understands the intricacies of 2D and 3D rendering, we focus on the details that matter, resulting in visuals that truly resonate with your vision.

Guardians of Your Creativity

Your creations are your babies. We've got them covered with meticulous safeguards in our workflow, keeping them secure and untouched.

Time is Our Ally

We understand the rush in projects, especially when stakes are high. That's why we strive to deliver your renderings as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. Our workflow dances to your tune, delivering quality results without missing a beat.

Personalize Every Pixel

Customize every element to perfection – from furniture to lighting. Make your renderings truly yours by customizing furnishings, lighting, and even injecting lively characters. It's your imagination, and we're here to nurture it. We even add characters and pets to make your scenes come alive!


We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and budget constraints and find creative solutions to deliver high-quality results. With our affordable solutions, you can showcase your project with confidence and stay within budget.

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Explore Our Success Stories

Discover how we’ve transformed visions into stunning realities through our diverse portfolio of 3D renderings and animations. Witness innovation, precision, and creativity come together in every pixel.

How We Do It

Working Process

Our processes are tailored to meet the unique demands of each individual project. Happy clients are the most rewarding part of this work and our goal is to make the construction experience as enjoyable as the product.


Share Your Blueprint

Tell us about your project, and within a day, we'll get back to you with a quote. We're cool with all kinds of file formats – blueprints, CAD, even hand-drawn sketches.

Let's Talk Design

Once we have your designs, let's sit down for a chat. We'll hash out the project scope, goals, and the time we need to bring your vision to life.

The Nitty-Gritty

When the details are set, we'll send you a comprehensive proposal – everything you need to know about how we'll turn your idea into reality.

Final Delivery

Brace yourself for the big reveal! Your dream will be served up as high-res images or videos – perfect for sharing digitally or even blowing up on a billboard.

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Frequently asked questions

These sets of questionnaires and answers by experts can help get a better understanding of our general 3D redering services, timeline & process.

The cost depends on your project requirements. Regarding our pricing policy, you can refer to our price list. To get the exact cost for your project, please request a quote using the form below or directly contact our account manager by phone. You will receive the final price within 1 day.

We employ a dual quality control system that encompasses two levels of scrutiny. Initially, the project manager meticulously examines the results of our project reference rendering analysis. Subsequently, the artistic director conducts a reassessment to ascertain whether the artwork aligns with the aesthetic standards of our studio.

Generally speaking, you can provide us with any type of files, whether it’s hand-drawn sketches or even videos. The fundamental ones are blueprints, architectural or design sketches. If you have a specific vision for the project, you can share everything you have with us. Ideally, we prefer files in the following formats: CAD files in DWG format, PDFs, or any other vector formats. For ready-made 3D models, we accept formats such as 3DS, MAX, OBJ, SketchUp models, Rhino models, or Revit models.

For architectural projects, the standard production time is 6 working days, while interior design projects typically take 3-5 working days. However, the exact project duration depends on various factors such as the number of views, complexity, and level of detail involved. To determine the specific time required for your project, please contact us through our website and provide a project brief. Our team of experts will consider all the requirements and provide you with relevant information.

Yes, it is free to revise your project. For revisions, we mean changes that are less than 50% of the project’s workload. If you want to make a change that exceeds this limit, then we consider it a new project.

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