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Jianyang City

Industrial Architecture 3D Rendering for A Battery Recycling Plant

See how PHOCUS3D brought Saidemei’s eco-friendly power battery plant to life with stunning 3D renderings.

Saidemei New Energy Technology Co., Ltd (SDM) is a Beijing-based innovator dedicated to advancing sustainable practices in the new energy automotive industry. SDM has embarked on the construction of a cutting-edge power battery recycling plant in Jianyang City, Sichuan Province.

To bring their vision to life, SDM partnered with PHOCUS3D to visualize and validate the design proposal for their groundbreaking power battery recycling plant in Jianyang City, Sichuan Province.

Project Overview

The planned power battery recycling plant in Jianyang City spans 28,576.00m², housing recycling, treatment, and cathode material repair lines.

With a production plant, office building, and staff dormitory, the facility focuses on minimizing environmental impact. Solar panels on the roofs generate power, reducing carbon emissions.

Surrounded by trees, the plant acts as an ecological buffer, while its white and grey color scheme embodies the company’s dedication to environmental protection, ecology, and technology.

Now, let’s see how the project went from start to finish.

References and Scope of Work

The scope of work includes the creation of:

● 2 aerial views from different angles
● 3 close-ups of different buildings

Rebecca Wu, architect at SDM, provided comprehensive references, including:

●Architectural plans of the new factory
● Site and landscape plans in PDF files, including surroundings, roads, parking lots, etc.
● Details of the architectural style, exterior materials, and textures, such as walls, roofs, and windows.
● Company Logo

Modeling and Scene Setup

In the modeling phase, our 3D artist utilized the advanced 3Ds Max modeling software to meticulously craft a detailed 3D model of the manufacturing plant. This step-by-step creation followed the building floor plan provided by Rebecca, encompassing intricate details such as the exterior, windows, doors, and roof structure. Careful scrutiny of design drawings and references ensured that the model’s scale and proportions align closely with the actual design, maintaining realism in the rendering results.

3D modeling of the factory front
3D modeling of the backside of the factory
Factory sunny day modeling

For scene setup, we strategically selected two aerial views from different angles to showcase the factory’s overall layout and building appearances. Additionally, we curated three close-up shots of distinct buildings, accentuating their unique features.

Aerial view modeling of the plant
Aerial view modeling of the plant

Having completed this phase, our 3D artist promptly shared a screenshot with Rebecca for her input on the angle and model. With Rebecca’s approval, we seamlessly proceeded with the project, ensuring a harmonious collaboration and smooth progression.

Lighting Setup

Achieving a realistic feel in the rendering hinges on a meticulous lighting setup. Throughout the rendering process, we fine-tuned the lighting, selecting various effects to replicate diverse weather conditions: sunny, cloudy, and foggy.

The sunny day rendering accentuates the building’s brightness and the clarity of its surroundings. Meanwhile, the cloudy rendering crafts a cozy ambiance with soft lighting and cloud projections. In contrast, the foggy rendering brings attention to the misty landscape, adding an air of mystery to the environment.

Sunny day modeling effect on the back of the factory

Rebecca expressed her satisfaction, stating, “This strategic setup enables us to evaluate the factory’s appearance across different atmospheric scenarios.”

In tandem with angle adjustments, we optimized sunlight direction and intensity, ensuring a balanced interplay of light and shadow. This optimization not only maintained realism but also heightened the building’s three-dimensionality. By adjusting shadow length and clarity, we enhanced the vividness of the rendering, offering a dynamic portrayal of the factory’s visual impact.

Overall Sunny Day 3D modeling of the factory

Detail and Texture

To enhance the realism of the rendering, we meticulously adjusted the detail and texture settings. Utilizing the material and texture information provided by Rebecca, we applied suitable materials to different parts of the building.

The site plan indicated planned parking lots and driveways within the park. Our 3D designers adhered strictly to the client’s specifications, accurately depicting the parking lot layout, including parking space divisions, driveway designs, sidewalks, entrances and exits, and green belts.

3D model of factory site plan

For the park’s exterior, our 3D artists created a lifelike representation, drawing on the client’s topographical information, roadway layout, and actual photographs of the surrounding environment.

Rebecca’s request to elevate the prominence of the company name at the entrance exemplifies the attention to detail. “The rendering was nearly perfect, but we wanted the company’s identity to shine. PHOCUS3D responded promptly, adjusting the rendering to meet our specific branding needs,” shared Rebecca.

3D rendering of the main entrance of the factory

Post Production

In the post-processing stage, we employed Photoshop for meticulous image manipulation, refining the rendering for enhanced quality. We fine-tuned brightness, contrast, and saturation to achieve colors and lighting closer to reality. Special emphasis was placed on the window section, where we enhanced the glass surface with moderate reflections and shadows, ensuring a lifelike appearance.

Optimizing shadows for solar panels naturally projected onto the roof, adding authenticity to the scene. In addition, we introduced dynamic elements like flying birds and walking employees to infuse vitality into the visualization.

In our collaboration with Rebecca at SDM, we undertook a meticulous iterative process, refining every aspect until it aligned seamlessly with the client’s vision. The culmination of this dedication resulted in a 3D rendering that not only met their needs but surpassed expectations, presenting a visually striking and authentic representation.

Final 3D rendering of the battery recycling plant