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Interior Rendering for a Private Home in Europe

Follow Mary’s journey from design dilemma to dream home reality through PHOCUS3D’s photorealistic interior renderings.

Post-house inspection, Mary dove into her home renovation project, only to find herself struggling with the concrete manifestation of her dreams. Lacking a clear vision for design and decoration, she scoured the internet for inspiration and sought advice from various interior designers.

Mary’s quest for inspiration led her to PHOCUS3D. Impressed by our work, Mary sought our expertise to bring her vision to life through 4 sets of photorealistic interior renderings, each showcasing different spaces and furniture angles.

Understanding Mary's Vision

Enter Andy, the experienced project manager at PHOCUS3D. Understanding Mary’s lack of prior decorating experience, Andy adopted a guided communication approach. Through a series of detailed questions, he extracted Mary’s preferences for furniture matching, color schemes, and space layout. Sharing decorating case studies and related images, Andy helped Mary crystallize her vision, ultimately settling on a modern Balinese style that harmonized with nature and balance.

Mary expressed her gratitude, saying, “From the beginning, I was clueless about home renovation, but the team at PHOCUS3D opened a window to my residential renovation dreams through their excellent work and meticulous attention. Andy, as the project manager, is not only an experienced professional but also an attentive guide.”

Let’s delve into our creative process:

Modeling Stage

The meticulous planning unfolded with a detailed project plan and timeline. Mary provided CAD files, including floor plans, elevations, and sections, serving as the foundation for the 3D rendering journey. The team’s artists delved into exhaustive research, considering not only Mary’s preferences but also the seamless integration of artistry and practicality in furniture selection.

Strategic placement of furniture was not merely a spatial consideration but an art form, enhancing the openness and serenity of the envisioned space. Carefully selected decorative elements, ranging from rattan light fixtures to fabric sofas and wood accents, were presented to Mary for her discerning choices.

After an initial grayscale rendering, Mary’s feedback prompted minor adjustments, ensuring a perfect alignment with her envisioned outcome.

Textures and Materials

The subsequent stage involved determining the color scheme, with Mary opting for a sophisticated combination of brown and gray. Here, Mary actively participated in the selection of materials, receiving reference images for walls, floors, and furniture. The meticulous application of high-quality textures using Vray showcased a commitment to precision and accuracy, elevating the realism of the 3D visualization.

Mary’s feedback continued to play a pivotal role, resulting in the replacement of recliners with leather ones as per her refined preferences.

Setting the Lighting Scene

Balinese interiors are synonymous with nature, comfort, and warmth, where lighting becomes a key protagonist in creating the desired atmosphere. The collaborative process continued as the team engaged with Mary to select lighting directions and effects. The 360-degree lighting rendering method was employed, resulting in four distinct images capturing different times of the day.

The daytime renderings exuded a bright, open, and fresh ambiance, accurately reproducing colors and materials. Nighttime renderings, achieved through carefully selected chandeliers and table lamps, created a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Post-Production Stage

The final stage, post-production, was a meticulous process where the 3D artists added finishing touches to the completed renderings. Utilizing Photoshop, rendering elements were enhanced, color correction was applied for atmospheric results, and filters, Bloom, and Glare effects were introduced to achieve a realistic and vibrant glow.

The collaborative effort and attention to detail culminated in a 3D visualization indistinguishable from the photographs Mary shared months after the renovation was completed.

Interior rendering of Hong Kong Villa Room 2
Interior rendering of Hong Kong Villa Room

Design Excellence: A Journey Extended

The commitment to design assistance, while extending the schedule from the planned 3 to 6 working days, underscored the team’s dedication to excellence. The investment in time resulted in a transformative outcome where Mary’s dreams seamlessly met reality.

The residence, now more than a physical space, stands as a testament to the harmonious synergy between visionary dreams and meticulous design, meticulously brought to life by the collaborative efforts of PHOCUS3D.

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