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Aerial Rendering


Chengdu, China

CSWADI Lakeside Design Headquarters

When the completion of the China Construction Binhu Design Headquarters project was on the horizon, CSWADI turned to PHOCUS3D with an ambitious request. They needed a high-definition, 5,000-pixel aerial view of their project within an incredibly short timeframe.

Project Background

Nestled in Chengdu, China, CSWADI Lakeside Design Headquarters stands as a testament to sustainable architecture. With over 8,000 square meters of lush rooftop gardens, 87% of naturally lit rooms, and cutting-edge low-carbon techniques, this building has achieved remarkable results.

Not only has it saved 1.86 million kWh of electricity, but it has also reduced carbon emissions by an impressive 1,027 tons annually. Moreover, innovative interior features like a rooftop sports court and a lobby powered by photovoltaic panels make it a beacon for sustainable design.

CSWADI Lakeside Headquarters Floor Plan


As the China Construction Binhu Design Headquarters project neared completion, CSWADI faced a crucial task — to present a 5,000px high-definition pixel bird’s-eye view of the building and its surroundings. This was vital for conveying the project’s panoramic perspective to the leaders of the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, underlining its significance and the meticulous neighboring planning.

Client’s Requirement

The client presented PHOCUS3D with an ambitious challenge: to create a high-resolution aerial rendering of CSWADI Lakeside Design Headquarters with a pixel count of 5,000, all within an exceedingly short timeframe.

The client’s exacting demands emphasized an unparalleled level of precision, requiring the depiction of every architectural facet in meticulous detail, from the smallest objects on the terraces to the intricacies of the building’s architectural planning.

CSWADI Lakeside Headquarters

This encompassed the imperative to showcase the lush greenery adorning the building’s facade, the diverse flora of the rooftop garden, and the distributed photovoltaic panels adorning the roof.

Expert Team

We quickly assembled a team of three seasoned 3D artists, poised to deliver exceptional results within an impossibly tight deadline.

3D Modeling

In the initial phase, our team embarked on 3D modeling, leveraging existing resources provided by the CSWADI team. They generously shared SketchUp models and aerial photographs of the project, which proved to be a significant time-saver. These valuable references served as a foundation upon which we could build.

CSWADI Lakeside Design Headquarters 3D Modeling

However, it was the meticulous attention to detail that set this phase apart. Recognizing the client’s keen interest in small objects, such as the elements adorning the terraces and intricate architectural details, our 3D artists delved deep into the provided aerial photographs.

Their aim was to ensure the accurate representation of these delicate features. Each element was painstakingly examined and discussed with the client to align perfectly with their vision. To establish a comprehensive framework for the 3D rendering process, a virtual building frame was meticulously constructed using 3Ds Max. This served as a spatial reference, capturing the layout and dimensions that would become essential in subsequent phases.

Strategic Camera Angles

With the building’s virtual representation taking shape, the next critical step was defining camera angles. Our experienced 3D artists strategically placed virtual cameras to capture the structure from four distinct bird’s-eye perspectives. This thoughtful approach empowered the client to choose the most fitting viewpoint, ensuring that their vision was realized to perfection.

Environmental Context

Recognizing the pivotal role of context in architectural visualization, we spared no effort in recreating the building’s planned surroundings. This comprehensive approach involved the meticulous reconstruction of streets, greenbelts, pedestrians and vehicles. By paying meticulous attention to environmental details, we ensured that the exterior rendering offered a holistic and immersive experience.

Textures and Lighting Magic

At the heart of our rendering technique was the application of textures and lighting. Here, we harnessed the power of Vray rendering software to seamlessly integrate greenery with the building. This careful execution was critical in ensuring that the natural elements felt like an integral part of the structure, rather than superficial additions.

But it didn’t stop there. We conducted a thorough analysis of natural lighting conditions within the building. This enabled us to accurately represent the interplay of sunlight, shadows, and the subtle nuances of light filtering through the foliage. The outcome was more than just visual accuracy; it was the creation of a warm, harmonious atmosphere that resonated with the building’s natural surroundings.

A particular focus was placed on the reflective and refractive properties of materials, especially the treatment of glass surfaces. This attention to detail elevated the realism of the rendering, reflecting the natural landscape convincingly in the building’s reflective surfaces, such as glass windows.

Post-production Brilliance

In the final stage, post-production took center stage. Here, the rendering was meticulously refined using Adobe Photoshop as the primary tool. Our artists focused on enhancing various visual aspects, including brightness, contrast, depth, and the application of special effects.

This fine-tuning was not limited to the building itself; it extended to the addition of characters, small objects, and a lush variety of plants, strategically placed to breathe life into the scene.

These additions were not merely for visual flair but served the purpose of elevating the rendering’s realism, imbuing it with a sense of vitality and authenticity.

Results & Benefits

In a mere 3 days, well ahead of the original 5-7 day estimate, PHOCUS3D triumphed. This case study is a testament to our ability to deliver efficiently on tight schedules without compromising quality.
Our collaboration with CSWADI was marked by open and timely communication. Progress updates flowed seamlessly, and issues were proactively resolved, ensuring client expectations were consistently surpassed.

CSWADI Lakeside Design Headquarters 3D Reddering Results

Despite the time constraints, we didn’t skimp on quality. The final aerial rendering not only met but exceeded the client’s lofty standards for resolution, detail, and visualization. It vividly showcased the grandeur and significance of the CSWADI Lakeside Design Headquarters.

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